Monday, April 27, 2009

Cattle folding for Biceps muscles

Cattle folding is excellent exercise for weight and shape biceps. Loaded mostly bottom, near the elbows. Exercise represents folding of the hands, as are the arm and fixed recumbent. To perform this exercise, you will need a special bench, which is itself creator Larry Scott - the first Mr. Olympia. If you do not have one, you can use the bench with detachable backrest - lift it at an angle of about 70 degrees (almost maximum). Do bench (bench) is soft enough to not kill the enemies of your elbows. They should be the width of the shoulders and not a distance during the exercise. The main burden falls on the exercise of the biceps. If the elbows are close to each other (close hvat) is loaded over its external head. If a razdalecheni, the main burden falls on the inner head. Moreover biceps in the exercise involved brahialniyat muscle, located between the biceps and triceps, and forearms.

Squating weight for legs

In this exercise a number of improvisations are possible. If the court does not have a machine for lifting of the calf staying, there are different ways to compensate for this lack. If you train at home or in the hall there is no such machine and do not want to invest thousands of BGN to buy her a simple way is to take the rod and take the same position with weight on the shoulders behind the neck, as in squating. We need to keep good balance and is therefore very important to work on a stable platform. Do not count on any kind of wooden blocks, Blocks as you may slip under the influence of high demand. If you go by it could easily hurt your knees and waist area, so crucial to have strong support, to ensure safe and effective implementation of the exercise.
squating weight

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Interesting drill for Latissimus Muscles

Stand straight. Tight back and puff out your chest. Grasp the handles firmly to Ekspanderite. Raise both hands above your head with elbows and hands tightened up. Hold in a vertical position and with the other hand tight Ekspanderite to a 90 degree angle between the two hands. Hold hands not sustainable and enable them to tremble. Return to the original position to start and run with the other hand.

Weight to squat with breast for Quadriceps

Those who believe that to reach klekat with breasts is weak version of the real klekove, injuring his leg development. This is often a neglected exercise, but is excellent for activating movement of the front thigh muscles (muscles chetiriglavite). Particular focus on the lower front area, especially on larger average muscle, which is more strongly influenced by this exercise than usual (rear) klekove. Watch for the direction of gravity. The reason for the emphasis on lower front thigh muscles, the severity of the situation breasts, a characteristic of kleka to reach a chest, changing the direction of the force. Direction of gravity is in the line of knee joint, unlike the situation with the weight behind your head in the ordinary klekove when the power is directed through the hip joint. Klekat a rod to activate chetiriglaviya breast muscle, but also trigger and rear thigh and seat muscles. This practice allows for greater range of motion in the folding and expand hip joint.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Stretching for arms and shoulders

One very popular and stretching exercise. You can use the fund for support of the door, someone in heavy equipment or any solid support across the hall. In the case used doorcase. Go out and grab for cash as pictured. Stretch slowly and gently for 10-15 seconds. Then repeat with other hand. If the hand is placed high emphasis on the upper pektoralis, if placed low on the bottom pektoralis.
Stretching shoulders

Fitness drill for shoulders

Get dambelite and prepare for implementation. In the performance is done by lifting the shoulders.
Man Training

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Upper abdominal muscles drill

A very interesting exercise for your abdominal muscles. Lie down and prepare for implementation - a photo of one. Lifting up as otlepyate only shoulders from the floor, your back is glued to the bed. Perform slowly and under control.
Upper chest muscles